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Think2 Design are your design partners no matter what the occasion for any media. Here is a list of just some of our services:


Think2 Design are the team to work with when it comes to making a fantastic impression. Whether its designing your website or your latest brochure, we take pride in achieving results for our clients and building rock solid relationships with them. Focusing on what the client needs and balancing it with an eye for the creative means that our solutions work time and time again.

Web Design:

Clever and innovative design that is sure to allow you to get your message across, our websites are fun, attractive to look at, and easy to navigate. Every business or organisation needs to have one in order to have a presence in the online community. Our consultants will make sure that we create the perfect website for your needs.

Logo/Identity Creation:

How are you perceived? Does your logo tell the world who you are or what you do? Is it eye catching and effective in letting consumers identify with you and your service merely by glancing at an image? Think2 Design prides itself on creating logos/identities that have immediate impact with both the client and the public in general. From assisting new businesses, creating their look from logos all the way through to websites and stationery, to established businesses that need a new look, Think2 Design makes sure that you are always going to look your best.

Business Cards:

A key element in making people remember you and your service; is your card worth both keeping and a second look? Think2 Design can create attractive custom designs that ensure that your card always stands out from the rest of your competitors. For more information about business cards we have an exclusive audio track that you can download here.


Your stationary is a key part of your interactions with the outside world and is also a huge part of how you are perceived by your customers.

Think2 Design creates stationery that is uniform with the rest of your business so that your customers know that correspondence is from you at a glance.

From the envelope received in the daily mail to the writing pads your staff use to take notes on, Think2 Design can create a corporate look for your business.

Visual Marketing Solutions:

Whether you are starting a new business or wishing to revitalise an old one, Think2 Design can help you in exposing your business to new clients, engage in brainstorming sessions with you or totally reinvent your image from the ground up.

Using clever images and captivating text, Think2 Design can come up with clever strategies that will capture the imagination of your target market.


We offer a wide variety of printing services for all purposes. Whether it is your art or something we create for you, we can fulfill your printing needs. From black and white flyers, cards and stationery to screen printed or embroidered shirts and tees, Think2 Design can design and deliver for you to display.


Any medium, any time, Think2 Design is your team in building effective advertising that gets results. For your next campaign, get Think2 Design onboard!


Think2 Design provides a comprehensive sign writing service whether it's for your windows, interior shop space or for those of you constantly on the road, even your company vehicle.

Let us freshen up the way you are perceived with stylish imagery that is sure to attract the right kind of attention that your business needs.

Booklets, Brochures & Business Proposals:

A key point of advertising, brochures let your customers know the services you are offering, and any specials you may have on your products. Think2 Design can create appealing brochures that draw your customer's eye to your products, thereby increasing your chances of sales. Artwork for these can vary, from single color single sided leaflets to full colour fold-out flyers, even customised shapes to reflect your businesses logo or style.

Photographic Services:

From photos of your stock to publicity shots to family photos, Think2 Design Studio is your friend when it comes to snapping that important image. Our team can photograph you in your environment ensuring that you are at ease with the entire process.

From your standard sized photograph all the way through to shots suitable for billboards, we can make sure that every shot counts.


An exciting new medium, podcasting is a way of letting your customers hear your message, literally! Audio files, that can be downloaded to any computer or audio device, podcasts are a great way of getting your message across to your clients in an entertaining and memorable way.


Ever had a message that you needed to get out there, but just didn't know quite how to say it? The team at Think2 Design Studio are experienced at creating a compelling message that hits the mark every time. We can assist with providing text for websites, print advertising, editorials, promotions, tag lines, company profiles and so much more. Please contact the team to find out how much difference a well drafted communication can make.

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