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Signature Homes Geelong
Logo Creation, Graphic Design

Builder Gary Watts commissioned Think2 Design to deliver a logo for his new business that could be used across a variety of mediums and was easily legible from a distance. The idea was that the logo was made to present a strong image and the colours chosen could be reversed and applied to white backgrounds.

Working with local signwriters and a promotions company we applied the logo to signs and also sporting bags.


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Graphic Design

Cambron is a human resources company that contracted Think2 Design to assist with the creation of booklets advertising their software package, letterhead and also advertisements for both magazines and newspapers.

We also assisted by creating icons and splash screens designed for use in the software itself.


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Billy Bounce
Web Design, Graphic Design

Working closely with Billy Bounce CEO Bruce Hultgren, we developed the Billy Bounce website, home of the coolest Bug on the internet!

The aim of the site is to help kids get active and have fun through music and basketball. The program is available worldwide, though was developed right here in Geelong! The success of Billy Bounce has been such that Bruce has taken the business to the USA and we are proud to have an ongoing relationship with Bruce (and Billy!).

Rixon Hairdressing
Logo Creation, Graphic Design, Printing

We were asked to update the logo to something a little more contemporary for Rixon Hairdressing, a well known and respected salon in Geelong.

After the logo was approved, we created appointment cards and also designed all the signwriting for the building to further cement the logo and colour scheme.


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Geelong Coachworks (GCW)
Logo Creation, Graphic Design, Web Design, Printing

We performed a total rebrand and marketing strategy for Geelong Coachworks, a respected Coachline service known Australia wide within its industry. Modernising the logo was the starting point, along with developing a website that educated its readers. The site used images supplied by GCW, photography by Think2 Design with copy assistance from us as well.

We also supplied the company with other material to further cement the branding carried out with stationery, vehicle designs and innovative advertisments that were considering left field to the usual ads placed in coach magazines. The entire process was a great success to the point that GCW reported back that their competition was actually copying the style of advertisement that we had created! Well they do say that imitation is the greatest form of flattery.

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