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Geelong Business Expo
Graphic Design

The major Geelong business to business event of the year, Think2 Design was responsible in putting together the program for the event (a 20 page booklet), DL flyers and also newpaper advertisements.

Think2 Design was also a Gold Level Sponsor of the Business Expo.


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Logo Creation, Graphic Design, Printing

BBE is an events company that wished to update their image with a new logo and look. Think2 Design created the logo, business cards and flyers for the client.


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ESR Consulting - Sorri
Logo Creation, Graphic Design

We created the logo for Sorri and also elements for other parts of the client's project. We can display the work we did for the job but not the context it was used in due to a non disclosure agreement to protect the intellectual property of the client.

This was a fun job with great clients and produced a very satisfying result.

Geelong Otway Tourism
Graphic Design, Printing

Geelong Otway Tourism were supplied with custom postcards in lieu of Christmas Cards. We did the photography and then designed the front and back of the postcard and also printed the job for the client.


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Black Dog Promotions
Web Design, Graphic Design

We created this website for Black Dog Promotions to help them educate consumers about the endless possibilities provided by promotion products to further help make the world more familiar with your brand.

The site is packed with useful information and should really give you some ideas about how you can get your message out there in ways that people will remember... and keep! Get in touch with the Black Dog team and see how they can help you.

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