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Signific Signs
Web Design, Graphic Design

We were employed to come up with new web site concepts for Signific Signs. This is the concept that has been approved.


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The Fudge Man
Graphic Design, Web Design, Photography, Copy Writing

The Fudge Man sells fudge all around the world from their home office in Corio, Geelong. We created the website using their existing labelling and logo for inspiration and photographed their stock for use on the site. We were also lucky enough to sample a lot of it as well!

We have also created mailing lists for the client and conducted marketing emails to their permission based database.

Graphic Design

The brief for this job was to create a simple design for screen printing onto tshirts and the theme was holding hands around the world. The line art was to be simplistic and childlike in design.

Visions of Blue
Creative Concepts, Image Manipulation

Visions of Blue employed Think2 Design to come up with creative ideas for a recycling campaign they were running. Cartoons had already been provided by an artist, however captions were needed to get the message across in the pictures.

The brief was to make it humorous, yet still get to the point about the importance of recycling.


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Eco Recycle Victoria / Barwon Regional Waste Management
Graphic Design, Photography, Sign Writing

We were approached to come up with concept art for a massive 10 metre by 2.8 metre sign assisting to educate people about the benefits of recycling at a complex in North Geelong. Once the design was approved, Think2 Design produced the massive sign and had it installed in the complex by our sign writing team.

We also did product photography for this job.

Further to that project, we also designed signs directing traffic into the complex, flyers and the outer skin for the battery bin that people can put their used alkaline batteries into.

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