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Gingi Creations
Logo Creation, Graphic Design, Printing

Gingi Creations make hand made fashion jewellery and hired us to create a logo and business card.


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White Light Impressions
Graphic Design, Web Design, Print, Coding

White Light Impressions approached us to create a website that they could use to show their services to anyone interested in Feng Shui. Using a combination of our own images along with photography supplied by business owner Jude Moar, we created a fresh look for the business that has been well received. After completion of the website we made business cards and postcards, which we also printed for the client.


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Graphic Design

We were commissioned by Showerline to create new, more attractive installation guide for their showerbases to make the process easier for the end user to install the base upon purchase. Using the logo as inspiration and the theme of water, we made the guide easy to read and nicer to look at, as opposed to many installation guides out there.


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Read's Cartridges & Office Supplies
Logo Creation, Graphic Design, Printing, Web Design, Copywriting

Superior service and attention to detail are what sets Reads apart from the competition and our brief was to make sure that they had branding in place to take advantage of that.

We created their logo/mascot Inkspot the dog, based on the Read's own dog and used the primary colours of an ink cartridge for the spots on his body. Inkspot is modelled after the Saint Bernard dogs, however he brings office supplies to you instead of whiskey!

We then put together the website for the business and created business cards for them as well.


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Standby Security
Vehicle Design, Photography

Standby Security contacted Think2 Design to create a sign writing template for their vehicles. . We also carried out some photography for business owner Angelo Kakouris to use on his business cards.

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