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Travel Extras
Logo Creation, Graphic Design, Web Design

We were hired to create the look for Travel Extras with both logo and website being part of the job. Travel Extras supply guide books and travel accessories via mail order and wished to have a logo that captured the look and feel of being on the move.


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Geelong Chamber of Commerce
Web Design, Graphic Design, Photography, Database Coding

The Geelong Chamber of Commerce approached Think2 Design to design and create a website that allowed them to keep the extensive membership informed and educated as to what the Chamber was doing for the members.

The Chamber website also contains an extensive database of members, making it a virtual directory of business in Geelong. We created the site from the ground up based on the brief by the Chamber and we also supplied our own photography of images of Geelong that rotate randomly in the top part of the site.

The Chamber site is a resource to its members and the people of Geelong and acts as a living document, changing constantly under the direction of the Chamber. Think2 Design is proud to have created this site and are active members of the Chamber, undertaking the role of Vice Presidential Sponsor of the Chamber for a number of years.


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Steve Gray - Business Coach & Artist
Web Design, Graphic Design, Optimisation, Database Coding

Steve Gray approached Think2 Design to design a site that would hold his artwork for display. In addition to being a business coach, Steve is also an avid painter who has had a number of exhibitions. Wishing to tie in both of his passions together, we created a portal entrance to the site so people could choose which area they wished to enter.

Think2 Design utilised the current business site (we did not design it) and optimised the code there so that Steve would get higher ratings and we managed to get him onto the first page of Google within one week of doing so.

The art site is database driven and entirely maintained by Steve. A database was also integrated into the business site so that Steve can easily deliver his ebook, The Busyness of Business via email to anyone who would like to read it. It's a great system and one that is working well.


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AGB Group
Web Design, Graphic Design, Copy Writing, Photography, Printing

AGB Group is an engineering and training firm with offices in Geelong and Melbourne. We were brought onboard to create a website that was not as stuffy as some of the ones representing their competition.

We also created the AGB mascot, Ernie the Engineer, a quirky little guy who AGB have used really well across most of their material.

Vair Rush Accountant
Business Card Design, Letterhead Design, Printing

Local accountant Vair Rush, approached us to create a business card and letterhead design for her based on colours that she chose with the aim being making it look nice, clean and professional.

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