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The Satyrcast
Graphic Design

Based in Wisconsin, USA, Think2 Design was commissioned to design business cards for the client based on existing material on their website.


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Mission India - Charity
Graphic Design, Web Design

This is a site that we donated for the charity Mission India who help build villages and those in need in surprisingly enough, India! The charity needed a site to help get the word out there about what they did, so we designed the site incorporating photographs they had taken on previous trips to India whilst carrying out their work there.


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The Merry Painter
Graphic Design, Printing

The Merry Painter engaged us to create new business cards, signs and other printed materials for them as part of an update to the appearance of their business.

We also made modifications to their existing logo and created portfolio pages for them to show their fantastic work to new prospective clients.


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Linda McIntyre - Mortage Broker
Logo Creation, Graphic Design, Web Design, Printing

Linda McIntyre approached Think2 Design to create a logo and other works for her Mortgage Broking business. Linda has a very unique approach to her work and we wanted to be sure to capture that in the designs.

Bursting with energy and fun, Linda is passionate about her role in securing finance for her clients and we wanted to create a look that made people think that they might be looking at her desktop with bits of paper and other odds and ends visible.

We carried out the photography for this site and also developed business cards, letterhead and rear car window signage for Linda.


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Experience the Healing Touch
Graphic Design, Web Design, Print, Coding

We created this site for Experience the Healing Touch based on patterns and designs provided by the client. Later we also designed business cards and DL flyers that followed the pattern of the website in order to continue branding through to their printed materials.

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