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The Chamber had its first meeting for the year last night, and was a lot of fun with a great deal of networking getting accomplished. President Dale Jennings officially announced the launch of the new Chamber of Commerce website, programmed and designed by think2 design studio. You can visit their website here.


Dr John Demartini and Think2 Design

World renowned author, lecturer, philosopher and trainer Dr. John DeMartini came to Melbourne last night to address a packed house on methods of assisting growth and development. After spotting me in the audience, he simply begged for this photo opportunity and how could I refuse! :)
In all seriousness, the seminar was a lot of fun and give me inspiration for a new article that you will read shortly.

Think2 Design Article – “What Story Are You Telling?” by Tory Favro

Title: What Story Are You Telling?
Author: Tory Favro
All Text © Tory Favro 2006 – This article may be freely distributed, providing it is not changed or altered in any way.

What Story Are You Telling?

Every facet of our lives involves stories of some sort. That doesn’t mean that they are lies, they are just tales that we present to the world as to who we are, what we do and what our intentions are. Surprisingly enough, these stories also apply to our business. What story does our business tell the world in the way that it presents itself to our peers, customers and suppliers? Despite the importance behind this statement, many of us don’t understand that it’s the story that makes our customers relate to us and our products.

My Name is Tory Favro from Think2 Design Studio and I am a Storyteller.

How does a business connect with its customers if the story that it tells is uninteresting or false? Customers won’t get past the front page of your website if the story isn’t compelling enough to find out more. Customers won’t buy in your shop if they can’t take an experience away with them.

Stories Don’t Have to be Fairytales to have Happy Endings

Case in point. Phil and Heather Ring from PDR Differential tell a unique story with their website. Running a successful business, they wanted to let people know that there was more to the business than just fixing cars. You can visit their shop and take home an experience of good customer service. You can see this on their website. It’s pink. What’s that got to do with cars, or even differentials? Nothing. Plain and simple, nothing to do with them at all. However it tells a story that they live every day in their business. It’s fun informative and easy to use. In fact it reflects the positive approach that they have in their business every day and their attitude toward making sure every customer is happy.

Think2 Design Studio helped tell this story with the web presence, incorporating an easy to navigate menu system, pictures of some of the parts used in the day to day operation of the business and even audio of Phil explaining what a broken differential sounds like. Empowering their customers by informing them, we were able to break the myth of the mechanic taking advantage of the customer who does not know any better and receiving and paying for service that they do not need. To experience their service, visit here.

Some Stories are for Both Adults and Children

Case in point: Bruce Hultgren owns a basketball character named Billy Bounce. Billy is a groovy basketball bug that teaches children ball skills set to music amongst other things. Bruce has developed a DVD series that is absolutely stellar and is really making waves in the United States. With a program that targeted the very young through to teens, Bruce knows that it is necessary to communicate with both the kids and their parents in a responsible yet fun manner, making Billy Bounce the right bug for the job.

Think2 Design Studio helped tell this story by working closely with Bruce to make a fully integrated site that is a lot of fun for everyone who visits. Using bright colours and the great character of Billy Bounce himself, we helped tell a story of having fun through exercise, providing the kids with a new friend in Billy, who proactively emails kids basketball tips and then actually follows up on their progress through a newsletter that they can sign up for at absolutely no charge at all. Furthermore, through this story, Bruce was able to let parents know that Billy was a friend that their kids would be totally safe with and that all content on the site is handled in a responsible and family safe manner with endorsements from some of the biggest basketball bodies on the planet for the Billy Bounce program and we’ve told a tale that is a winner, and a lot of fun for everyone who visits the site. To find out more about the program that is making our kids get up and exercise but have fun whilst doing so, check out the site here.

Sometimes the Story has to be a Bit Serious

Case in point: The Geelong Chamber of Commerce is one of the oldest and biggest chambers in Australia. Servicing a proactive community of business owners, the Chamber needed to tell a story that spoke of leadership and membership support. Actively networking through a series of well-attended “After 5” nights monthly, the Geelong Chamber of Commerce provides a way for business in the region to network and also have their issues heard on a higher level. The Chamber also needed to tell a story that is uniquely Geelong.

Think2 Design Studio helped the Chamber tell a story of responsibility and of keeping it’s member base informed with a website featuring a look suitable to the Chamber and the function that it performs. A number of features on the site allowed the already busy admin staff make easy, regular updates to reflect the ever increasing membership of the Chamber and also to post items on events and news that affect business in the Geelong region. The graphics used are unique and from the Geelong region, allowing members to identify with the site, and also what they are seeing on screen. Ease of navigation enables visitors to
the site to learn more about the history of the Chamber, where it’s headed and also to find other members who may offer services that they require, making it an essential part of the Geelong Business Landscape. To learn more about the Geelong Chamber of Commerce, visit them at the Geelong Chamber of Commerce Website

Good Stories Need Good Authors

Take a look at your business and with an open mind pay attention to the story that you are telling the world. If you would like Think2 Design Studio to help you tell your story to the world as we have with so many other great people and businesses, please visit our website at:

Think2 Design Studio
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and allow us to assist you with telling the best story you possibly can.

What Story are YOU Telling? My name is Tory Favro from Think2 Design Studio and I am a Storyteller.


Tory Favro
Jan 2006

Important Announcement – The New Geelong Chamber of Commerce website is ready for you to check out!

Welcome to

The NEW Geelong Chamber of Commerce Website!

We’re delighted to invite you to the recently completed and live Geelong Chamber of Commerce site, proudly designed and built by think2 design studio. What are you still doing here? Go on and check it out!
Geelong Chamber of Commerce Website
What are your thoughts? Like to comment? Or just want to chew the cudd? then drop us a line here.

New Years Eve

The staff of Think2 Design Studio wish you all a very safe and happy New Year for 2006! We hope that you’ve enjoyed 2005 and are ready to take your business and personal lives to the next level in the new year that is just around the corner.

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The Power of a Smile

Isn’t it crazy in this day and age that I actually need to bring this up! We are all so busy and our staff are under a lot of pressure also, that we forget how nice it is to be smiled at. A smile, delivered properly, can make all the difference in keeping a busy customer in a store waiting to be served, or them simply walking out to find a place where the service is faster.

Smiling creates a link between the staff and the customer, and also is a way of acknowledging that they are there and thanking them. Smiling is also (for the most part) highly infectious. Give it a try and I think you will be pleasantly surprised with the results.

For more information about customer service excellence or some great advice on designing your business, please contact our team at think2 design studio by clicking here:

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Love your work!

Tory Favro


I am sure that most of you are aware of the blog explosion out there, but did you know that blogging and linking back to your own regular website can actually increase your chances of higher relevance to search engines? That’s right, the more links that are out there with real content pointing back to your site the better chance you have of being found when people are searching for your product type or service.

One of the things that people have problems with is finding the time to create content, however all it takes is a simple line or two to let your customers, colleagues and friend to find out what you are doing and any new products or ideas that you are working on.

So try to find the time to Blog or least diarise. It’s a great way to get the message out there!

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