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Welcome to the October installment of the think2 design newsletter.

Wow! Has the year flown by for everyone as quickly as it has for us? I bet it has and with the advancement of the year of course a flurry of changes make their way online and the way we look at websites.

Flash Sites
One thing of particular interest is that despite the increasing roll out of broadband in Australia, more and more businesses are shying away from using Flash (animated) sites. This is an approach that makes sense for more than one reason but the primary one that comes to my mind is that by using Flash, you are potentially alienating some viewers who refuse to install the technology onto their computers in order to see your site. They simply take their business elsewhere, that is the nature of conducting business online. The ever present ability to just close the window and be at another vendor in mere seconds presents a very viable argument that business owners need to look at the needs of the end user as well as the aesthetics of the site. All things said and done, Flash animation is for entertainment so if you are selling pots and pans, why not get down to the business of selling rather than entertaining?

If you need some help with your existing site and/or creating a website, please don't hesitate to contact us.

Domain Names
Your ranking when showing up on search pages such as Google is dependent on a number of factors, many of which involve staying up to date with the latest in Search Engine Optimisation. This is a process that can get quite costly and whilst big business can certainly afford it, many small to medium sized enterprises get lost in the shuffle as they simply cannot keep up with pay for click advertising unless the return on investment is there. There are are a number of things we can do to make sure that you are making the best effort possible without spending thousands of dollars on Search Engine Optimisation.

1) Domain names. Domain names are your website address name. Google looks at names and the sites they are connected to. A variety of things increase the relevance of your site and having domain names that relate to the content of the site factors very favourably with search engines. Say for example that you own Bobs Pots and Pans, located in Geelong, of course you would want to own, however that is leaving free a multitude of other names for your competition to snap up such as and have it pointing at their site instead.

think2 design are domain name registrars and we would be happy to work with you to secure relevant domain names at affordable prices.

2) Links. Make sure that you have as many people linking to your site as possible from sites related to yours. It creates little trails for the search engines to follow and the more that are pointing at your site, the more important it makes your content appear. This can boost your ranking dramatically.

3) Keywords. Hidden in the code of your webpage should be lines of code that tell the search engines what content is on the page. Many people have too little or too many of these key words and as a result are ignored by search engines. There should also be descriptive code on the page as well. This is all hidden from your viewers but is entirely visible to the search engine and should not be overlooked.

Need help? Simply drop us a line.

We hope that you enjoyed this newsletter and its quick yet effective tips that should be of some help in getting more out of your investment. If you would like us to be a part of your creative team, simply visit the site at and check out our portfolio and see if we're a fit for your business. think2 design, break free from the herd.

Oh, and for those who are attending, we hope that you and your families enjoy the Geelong Show this weekend! Don't forget that for those of you who like knocking on strangers doors that Halloween is also just around the corner!

Welcome to 2007!

On behalf of the team at Think2 Design Studio, I’d like to welcome you all to 2007 (as though I created it!) and to let you know to expect some pretty amazing things this year. There is a whole new site coming and expect some great things from the podcast too.

There is a lot more coming so stay tuned….


Think2 Design Newsletter Early December 2006

Please click on the logo to download the PDF. Thanks for reading our newsletter. This is the PDF version of our online newsletter and covers news about preparing for Expos, some of our recent work, and also news about our recent interview with Pete Williams which regular listeners would have already heard.

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Tory Favro.

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Think2 Design heads for the USA!

Hi friends and colleagues,

Some exciting news from the Think2 Design paddock. I will be heading over to the United States of America on a couple of speaking engagements in September, 2006. Conducting one on one coaching, along with addressing a number of business groups, this should prove to be a lot of fun for attendees, and of course myself as well!

The itinerary thus far is as follows:

20th September – 24th September – San Francisco & Sacramento
25th September – 2nd October – San Diego Area

If you are interested in having me speak to your business or organisation about innovation, business ideas, marketing or just some general motivation from a uniquely Australian perspective after October 2, please let me know so that we can book in some time together. CONTACT the studio or call our voicemail line in the states on 206-350-2697 to find out about our fees. We are more than happy to address groups and individuals throughout the USA and are happy to travel to you.

If you are a listener to the podcast and believe that your employer or employees would benefit from this, please let them know about this exciting opportunity.

Are you ready to Break Free from the Herd?

I look forward to hearing from you all.


Tory Favro
Business Developer/Designer
Think2 Design Studio

Think2 Design Interview in Geelong Independent 7th April, 2006

What Story Are You Telling? - Tory Favro

Overview: Recent article in the Geelong Independent where I was interviewed regarding small business being hesitant about going on line. I thought I would share it with you all.

Format: PDF

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Please contact us to let us know what you think.

Recommended Reading! Tom Peters Essentials – Design!


If you ever want to do yourself a favour, please check out this book by guru Tom Peters. It’s a quick read, however the guy really drills down at what it is that makes us creative types tick, and how we can help you build your business. Seriously, it’s a highly enjoyable read with no jargon, just straight forward ideas and comments. At only $20.00 what do you have to lose? You may even get some ideas for your own design or promotions!

I’ve included the link to the Angus & Robertson site if you want to buy the book. Not because I am an affiliate of theirs, there is nothing in it for me. Feel free to buy it anywhere you choose. Internationally, you can get it from the Amazon website.

From the A&G site:

“Design is about passion, emotion and attachment and it must be at the heart of every business. Discover why design is the Number 1 determinant of whether a product or service stands out. With ideas to transform the way you work, this guide to design helps you reinvent your business from management guru Tom Peters.”

Online Price

Category: Business & Economics – Management
Publisher: Penguin Books Ltd
Date Published: 31/8/2005
ISBN: 1405302585
Format: Hardback
Number of pages: 160

Click on the image to go to Angus & Robertson if you would like to buy this book.

How Do You Like YOUR Pizza?

Stay tuned for the answer. Let me know if you think you can guess where I am headed.

Article: E-Commerce: Friend or Foe?

What Story Are You Telling? - Tory Favro

Title: E-Commerce: Friend or Foe? – Tory Favro

Overview: Are you selling online? This article covers some of the reasons you may not be, and hopefully sets some of those fears to rest. If you enjoy it, please direct others to the site to download it.

Format: PDF

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Innovate or Perish!

Innovation: It’s easy when things are going well to get comfortable. My advice: Don’t! It’s amazing how a thriving business can atrophy and die simply because the owners took their eye off the prize. Reinvent yourself with clever ideas and advertising that makes your target market take notice. By keeping fresh, your customers will too!

Just a friendly note to you, there’s no more to it. Seriously, you can get back to our podcast now!


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