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Recommended Reading! Tom Peters Essentials – Design!


If you ever want to do yourself a favour, please check out this book by guru Tom Peters. It’s a quick read, however the guy really drills down at what it is that makes us creative types tick, and how we can help you build your business. Seriously, it’s a highly enjoyable read with no jargon, just straight forward ideas and comments. At only $20.00 what do you have to lose? You may even get some ideas for your own design or promotions!

I’ve included the link to the Angus & Robertson site if you want to buy the book. Not because I am an affiliate of theirs, there is nothing in it for me. Feel free to buy it anywhere you choose. Internationally, you can get it from the Amazon website.

From the A&G site:

“Design is about passion, emotion and attachment and it must be at the heart of every business. Discover why design is the Number 1 determinant of whether a product or service stands out. With ideas to transform the way you work, this guide to design helps you reinvent your business from management guru Tom Peters.”

Online Price

Category: Business & Economics – Management
Publisher: Penguin Books Ltd
Date Published: 31/8/2005
ISBN: 1405302585
Format: Hardback
Number of pages: 160

Click on the image to go to Angus & Robertson if you would like to buy this book.

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